OK, here's what I got from my very patient and knowledgeable optician/lens rep:

Shamir Attitude

Flavor "A": Fashion
  • a mostly-balanced but more 180-respecting PAL design (than their "indoor" PAL lines)
  • can be put in a wrap or flat front frame

Flavor "B": Sport
  • a distance and intermediate-heavy design. (I would call it "V"-shaped corridor in honor of Sharpsticks' terminology)
  • can also be put in a wrap or flat front frame

Questions for the inestimably-esteemed, opticially-experienced, savants of the Optiboard Guild:
  • what do you think of the concept of such specialty PALs? Do they make your brain numb? Do you embrace the nuance?
  • have you tried these lenses?
  • I'm curious about the sport design goals. Do people like it? Does the 'smart'phone blow up the principle they were trying to achieve?
  • Is it sexist to ask if one gender (clearly a social construct--don't cancel me) prefers one to the other?