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    My brother-in-law, a family physician in a small farming community in central Illinois, died two weeks ago from Covid-19. He continued to provide care for his patients to the very end, folks that he has known for nearly half of a century, knowing that his survival odds were very low if he contracted the disease.

    Please back pocket your sports heroes in 2021, giving a nod towards those who have given their lives to save your family and friends, and to all who made it possible.

    Larry had a medical museum here...


    I didn't know what most of the items were used for (and didn't want to know anymore after I asked about some of the tools), but I know a bone saw when I see it. Worth a look if the family keeps it open and you plan to be in the area.
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    Robert, my sincere condolences to you and your wife for the loss. And, also the loss to his patients, who’s lives were forever touch by his care, skill and dedication of healing. Yes, truly a hero, a real hero.

    May your family take peace in knowing he lived a life helping others.... None of us could ask for a more glorious way to live....

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