Premium progressive sunglass lens available June 2003
CHESTER, Va., May 19, 2003 - Just in time for summer! Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. today announces the introduction of Gradal® Top 1.59 Poly Polarized Gray. Gradal® Top 1.59 Poly Polarized Gray, the newest member of the Zeiss Gradal® Top family, is a premium progressive sunglass lens made possible by a combination of the latest NuPolar® polarized technology by Younger Optics and the Carl Zeiss progressive Gradal® Top lens design.

"The new Zeiss Gradal® Top 1.59 Poly Polarized Gray was designed to meet the needs of the consumer that participates in outdoor activities," said Andy Huthoefer, vice president of marketing, Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. "We've been receiving requests for a product of this type from our eyecare professionals for quite some time. Now with this new product, we're able to effectively meet their needs."

When compared to regular sunglasses, Gradal® Top 1.59 Poly Polarized dramatically reduces annoying and sometimes dangerous sun glares and increases depth and color perception. The lens has several outdoor safety features including sun protection with a built-in 85 percent gray polarizing filter and 100 percent ultraviolet protection. Its polycarbonate material makes the lens lightweight, impact resistant and virtually unbreakable. When combined, the lens' features will provide the wearer with relaxed and comfortable vision while they enjoy outdoor activities such as water sports, golfing, biking and jogging. Wearing the lenses will also help take the glare off the road when driving on a sunny day.

Zeiss Gradal Top 1.59 Poly Polarized Gray will be available early June. The range is sphere +3.25 D to -6.00 D, cylinder out to -4.00 D, and additions 1.00 D to 3.00 D.

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Gradal® is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss.
NuPolar® is a registered trademark of Younger Optics.