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    Idea Impossible orders

    Working at the lab side of the business most of my career I have had many a chuckle over some of things retailers have done or asked us to do. I thought it might be fun to post some of the funny I can’t believe this was done orders. I am sure that labs have done just as crazy things that gave the retailer a chuckle. I will start with one my favorites.
    This was in the 80’s when progressives where still new and many dispensers lacked training on how they worked. Not enough training never stopped anyone from selling a pair. In the 80’s frame hardly ever had demo lenses so it was common practice to put Scotch tape across the eyewire and mark the height. The famous order comes into the lab with black electrical tape over the eyewire with a cross marked on it with a white China marker. We call the dispenser his reply was I was told to put a piece of tape over the eyewire and put a cross on it did I do something wrong.

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    Thinking back over the years, there's one that stands out above the rest. Was before I jumped into strictly private practice. Another optician had sent an order to the lab. Fast forward maybe two weeks when we called for a follow up. It was a mirror coat sunglass so we expected it to take a few weeks. Mind you this was only a few years ago, but that particular lab stayed hammered all year round. It was the workhorse for most of the company. They tell us they're not sure how to do the mirror coat. Being a former lab guy, I got pulled into the conversation to figure out a solution. That's when I saw it. RAINBOW mirror. RAINBOW. No where in the building, the system, no where was there a mirror lens that was EVERY COLOR. This wasn't even the best part. I just about fell into the floor laughing. The optician also happens to be a close friend of mine. I gave her so much crap. But I died out laughing. Why. WHY would you inflict such torment on those poor lab techs. But wait. It gets better. In order to properly charge the patient, who happened to be a teenager, for the RAINBOW mirror, she had added each individual mirror onto the order and charged appropriately. Her parents gladly paid the ridiculous amount (these ended up being nearly $1500 Ray-Bans for single vision after insurance.) But. We did manage to figure out a way to make it work. Job took like 8 weeks. But she got her RAINBOW mirror-ish suns in the end. I will never forget that. I even kept a copy of the lens order with it highlighted as a souvenir. RAINBOW

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