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Thread: 2020 was a rough year, what was your pit and what was your peak?

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    2020 was a rough year, what was your pit and what was your peak?

    This year was the most challenging one in my almost 30 year career. My pit was having every patient tell me they hate wearing a mask. My peak was selling glasses to a lovely 105 year old lady.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    May 2021 not be such an asshat!
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    Pit was the initial wave, finding out I was going to be laid off for a minimum of 2 weeks (which turned into 2 months). Scariest time of my professional career, lots of stress among the other opticians and the doctor/owner. It sucked, it sucked for me, it sucked for them. But who do you complain to? Everyone was in the same awful boat of "what do we do now?"

    Peak was discovering by sheer chance that my mom still had benefits available, so I brought home a bunch of frames and got a nice pair of suns for her.

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    My Office did not close so we were very lucky . (Pit) April -July were some of the slowest months I have ever seen. (Peak )We had no Reps coming in so we sold off a good chunk of the inventory which was great Cleaning, Cleaning ,Cleaning is all we seem to do . Hey to a new year 2021

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