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Thread: History Lesson Please

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    History Lesson Please

    Hello from BC
    An associate and I were talking occupational bifocals and I seem to recall reading about a PAL that had the progression vertically? Essilor Overview?? Was that the name? Tried an online search and no info..
    Then got to thinking I also recall there was a ST with the seg being progressive I hallucinating..


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    There was a progressive that had sort of a reversed ultex segment at the top. Could have been the Overview. Never dispensed one. I believe the ST28 that you're referring to was the Smartseg.

    Another oddball was the trifocal with an Executive intermediate and a ST28 reader (ED). It struck me as a solution looking for a problem. I was never a fan of Executive bi or trifocals and aggressively urged pt's to try ST35's or 835's. Only had one failure and I think he had other issues.
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    The progressive with an ultex seg on the top was originally. Called the pilot as it was intended to allow the pilot to see the gauges above his head The add on the top was 3/4 of the bottom add. The design was a Varilux 2. Long since discontinued.
    You can create a similar product easily by using a ft blank and putting a free form design on the back.

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