5 National Optronics 7EX edgers and 4TX digital tracer, 4000-9000 cuts each, 6 month parts warranty......$13,995 ea

  • National Optronics 7EX Edger , groover with Dual Polisher cutter Body
    • Includes Vacuum
    • Includes Polish water supply system
    • Includes complete calibration Kit
    • 6-month parts warranty

  • 4TX digital Tracer
    • Includes calibration kit

  • All systems are individually boxed and palletized
  • Complete Package $13,995

Also Available for Mid November

1 Mr Blue edger, tracer, blocker, drill …..includes Essi Box. Only 26,365 lenses cut since new. “Gone through” by Essilor”.Mr. Blue “mills” and does wraps and shelf beveling.Essilor will install Mr. Blue package if buyer is in the USA. $25,995.00 NY)

2 Santinelli/Nidek LE 9000 SX/LX pattern-less edger, built in tracer, manual blocker included, medium-low retail usage , groove , polish and safety bevel, gone through by edger technician $4995ea(Export Only)

1 National Optronics 2G generator, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$10,995

1 National Optronics 2G generator, rebuilt, wear parts replaced…..$8495(NC T)

1 Coburn SL2 Express generator, under 100,000 cuts since new….$9995(Indiana)

1 Coburn Eclipse blocker, gone through by rebuilder, very good condition, three months warranty, …$9995(Fla)

Contact Barry Shepard for questions or pictures in Calif 714-963-8991

6 page used equipment list can be viewed on line at : www.usedlabs.com or www.usedopticalmachinery.com