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    Shaw Lenses

    I just recently came across SHAW© Lenses and how their algorithms are supposed to correct for any form of aniseikonia. While I'm trying to interpret the information seriously (though I find it suspect that they define anisometropia as "different prescription for each eye") from this company I've never heard of before, I can't help but imagine how the above photo was taken.
    *Photographer*: Okay Melissa, we're going to take a series of pictures. Try looking like you just smelled a juicy fart, then look like you're about to projectile vomit, then look like you're barely hanging on to consciousness. We'll finish with a generic picture of you smiling wearing poorly-adjusted frames, got it?

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    I had investigated these years ago and stopped when it seemed to me the way they balanced the difference between lens power, size, weight and thickness was to make the lens with the smaller Rx bigger, thicker and weigh more.
    I didn't see that as a great way to address the anisokonia-let me know if I'm wrong. just my 2 cents.
    Contacts is the way I usually address issues of aniso-anything.

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    Here's a deep dive for the curious and new to Dr Shaw's lens.
    Lots of links and probably way more than you'll ever want to know.
    Skip down to #22 before clicking the advanced links to see if the ever ever erudite and OptiBoard resident bon vi-vant and man about town, drk, helps put it in a nutshell:

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