. National Optronics 7EX. (2016)

This unit have been refurbished and tested onsite. Includes a 3 Month Warranty and DAC Technical support at finishing_services@dactechnologies.com
on all 3 Units.
-7Ex Edger with Vacuum System, Water Tank, Calibration tools and Operational Manual USB.
7Ex Lens Edger with 6000+/- cuts
-Features a user friendly interface any technician can learn in a couple hours.
-Help screens available throughout the operation and maintenance functions for ease of use with inexperienced operators.
-Features an adjustable 15" LCD.
-Unique dry cutting and three-axis control allows the operator to process CR-39, Polycarbonate, Hi-Index and Trivex lens materials with speed and accuracy.
-With a blade cutter rather than a grinding wheel, the bevels come out unrounded leading to tighter fitment into the groove of the frame.
-Electric chucking allows for variable chuck pressures based on materials and coatings leading to less spoilage.
-OMA compatible and accepts barcode job entry (not included).
-This Edger cannot process glass lenses.

Asking Preice $ 12,746.00 or BO.