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Thread: Advantek Frames

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    Advantek Frames

    My uncle recently got a hold of me and wants me to help him get another Avantek Frame that I did several years ago for him. I noticed that HOYA and Avantek no longer have a relationship. I looked online ebay, amazon and didn't find very much. Does anyone use their product or know where I can score a frame from? I'm not sure exactly if he wants the same frame or not yet.

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    I've been told the product is completely discontinued and the manufacturing equipment for fitting prescription lenses doesn't exist any more. We have tried to do the same for many other customers and couldn't get anywhere.

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    This is my understanding. The shame is that they were actually really decent frames; I still have mine in a drawer somewhere even though the RX is woefully outdated. I never put mine through tremendous wear-and-tear but they were comfortable and pretty durable for what I used them for, and I was impressed with the mounting system. I never got to tour a Hoya facility where the actual mounting took place but from what I understand from a lab tech acquaintance the actual process was a major PITA, time consuming, and prone to failure (until they got it right, in which case they really turned out great). Considering how drastically (and one might say comically) Hoya let their quality control slip over the past five years, I'd guess that was a contributing factor to their being discontinued.

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