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Thread: Various items for sale.

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    Various items for sale.

    Frames.xlsYesterday I posted several items for sale on an ebay 7 day auction. If you are interested, check them out.
    2 Marco 101 lensometers
    Dixon lens clock
    Smart Drill
    PSI Lens Groover
    Trial Lens Set 48 piece
    Seiko Pupilometer
    PSI Aqusizer
    2 Sadler Bros Lens Calipers
    Nidek Marco LM 820A Auto Lensmeter
    Humphrey Lens Analyzer

    I have more items that I haven't listed yet, frame warmers etc. I'll place another post when I list them so you'll have a heads up.

    I also have about 680 very nice quality frames that are 2 years old, so probably discontinued. Luxotica, Oakley, etc.
    I've listed them on ebay at $1,000 starting bid with $5,000 buy now.
    I've attached a pdf list of frames that is almost accurate. It may be off a dozen or so frames.
    I have photos of every single frame from our database. I'm trying to figure out how to share them. They constitute over 4 gig of data space. I'm uploading them to my server now so maybe I'll figure a way.


    Thanks for looking
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