Hi all!

So as of late I've been studying for my NCLE. At first I really had issues finding study material for the exam but after talking to John Seegers from Optician works he pointed me towards a website under the name of Professional Opticians of Florida. On the website it seems to have a decent amount of information for the NCLE. I just wanted to share this just in case anyone else was looking to further their credentials.

Now of course it isn't free, but not much is when it comes to study material in the optical field! Here's the link to the main website https://pof.org/ABO/NCLE and here's the link to other website with a lot more of the learning material https://www.pofce.org/

Don't know if anyone here actually needs this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least share the webpages! Lemme know if anyone finds this helpful!

Thanks a ton guys! May the optical.. be with you?? or something IDK haha