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Thread: Frame/Office liquidation

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    Frame/Office liquidation

    All frames in saleable condition. 3 of the rayban suns have minor scuffing. I can send photos. All name brands have cases. Prices include shipping. Open to offers. I can email a list of models/colors.

    $1300 = 51+ frames: 11 coach, 14 guess, 14 nw77th, 7 helium, 2 ess suns, 3 capital suns, alibaba stash
    $1350 = 50+ frames: 20 ray ban, 14 lightec, 7 polo, 4 cocosong, 5 leader, 42 miscellaneous.
    $1650 shipped for the whole lot.

    The "alibaba stash" is several models and most of which include several duplicates. The "miscellaneous" are smaller brand names like superflex or discos.

    Email/PM any questions. I'd most definitely entertain offers. I want my basement back.

    Other equipment: reichert slit lamp, phoroptor, nikon lensometer
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