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Thread: Better Quality frames?

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    Blue Jumper Better Quality frames?


    I am offering some specialty vocational lenses and want a good quality frames to offer as well. I would LOVE to offer State Optical, but the buy in, is not something I am prepared to do at this point. Are there reasonably priced frames that are durable and have a good warranty? Back in the day, Safilo was the go to, not sure about today.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks...stay safe!

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    Safilo 2.0 line has the most durable spring hinge design I've seen in person, and warranties shouldnt be an issue because they can be fully rebuilt with the kit they provide. We had a 10 frame buy in. Even the Safilo Elasta line have very durable spring hinges and I cannot recall a patient ever bringing in a pair with broken temples.

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    I mus agree with Alex safilo 2.0 seems like the ideal choice considering it is the most durable option available today and the feedback is also good

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