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Thread: One lens axis off by 10 degrees

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    Angry One lens axis off by 10 degrees

    I am working through a military base and our equipment is OLD. We have been having issues with the right lens of each frame coming out 5-10 degrees off in the axis every time. I cannot identify what the issue is. I don't think it is the edger as we "upgraded" from the National Optronics 7E to the 7EX. We are using a 4Ti tracer, Nidek LM-1200 lensometer and the ancient AIT Speede blocker. We only cut polycarbonate lenses up to a -6.00 sphere and -3.00 cyl.
    We have tried calibrating the edger to see if that was the issue but it is not. Could it be the lensometer? The blocker? The tracer?
    We have had multiple people fabricate the same exact way and the results are the same.
    Any input or ideas would be helpful! Thank you!

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    Is it consistently nasal or temporal rotation, or just random?

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    Always the same problem with old Indo with left lens. Before blocking the lens we compensate this with rotating each left lens in opposite direction.

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    Scribe a straight line across two lenses, don’t use a blocker or lensometer. Attach the lens to the block by hand and eye according to the scribed line. If the lens is still off axis then you have eliminated the lensometer and blocker as the issue.

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    Couple of thoughts.

    Since the decentration of the OD lens will result in the major portion of the lens being positioned towards the cutter body, the initial feed and take off of material will be more aggressive. Check your feed rates for poly setting. If the lens is a high power, try using a "thick or mega" poly setting to slow down feed rate.

    To eliminated Tracer issues, try doing just a left eye trace, run and check results

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