Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I want to greet you first of all.
I am from Latin America and I have a Briot Accura CX edger (black and white screen) and the technician trained to repair it is in another country and he has told me that due to the sanitary restrictions in his country he does not know how much he can give me help.
I have not been able to use it for four months. The problems started with the scanner, in the middle of the process and stopped, then went directly to not turning on. We test power and the input is correct, since we believe that the fault is in the electronic part, we call an engineer to see if he can find the problem and repair it. He asked us for the electronic circuit diagram, routine guide or any information he has to help him. He can decipher the circuit but getting it would help us more.
Search the Internet for information and I can not find more than the factory manual, which only gives instructions for operation and maintenance.
I know it is an old machine, but the rest of it works perfectly and at this time we are not in a position to replace it with a new one, or more advanced.
I appreciate if anyone can provide me with information.