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Thread: Water Salt Boil Test improvement

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    Water Salt Boil Test improvement

    When buying new Coating Machine, must be 5 round 5% Water Salt Boil Acceptance test.
    After several years of lens manufacturing this Machine already cannot prove this range of 5 round.
    I can set any Machine Water Salt Boil Test to 5 round and more.
    Also any type of lens Coating Formula can be improved to 5 round and more Water Salt Boil Test.

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    honestly I have been practicing this and other types of quality tests for about thirty years. I use the standard of the 10 boiling tests and I find it suitable for the standard of the products you find on the market.
    what I have noticed in the last few years is a progressive improvement in the results of the lenses produced in Asia / China. What is missing is the reproducibility of the process, often from the same supplier I have good results from one production batch and bad from another.
    However, it is important to combine other tests with the TST (thermal shock test):
    Bayer (scratch resistance)
    UV resistance (QUV test panel)
    electrostatic charge
    surface tension
    abrasion resistance (from fabrics / cleaning)
    breaking strength (in Europe we have a different standard from the USA)
    long term boiling (only for HC)
    The problem is to follow all these tests in production in a small production company like mine.

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