Our new phoropter breath shield is made of durable polycarbonate so it will not break with hard use. Dimensions are 8" x 9" and this is a universal fit for most standard format (Ultramatic) phoropters. Please consult the photos for fitment. Our design uses a rubber grommet to keep the unit in place on the central adjustment knob. Unlike other designs, ours will not interfere with the movement of the cross cylinder lenses and will stay in place when the phoropter is moved for patients. Edges are laser cut for smoothness and a professional finish. Shields are shipped via Priority Mail for a flat rate of $8.30 for any quantity. Precision Equipment contact info is professional printed at the bottom center.
These shield are delivered with a film on the back to stop scratches in shipping. This film can be removed with a finger nail or by using a small amount of alcohol in the corner.
These will start shipping on May 11th.

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