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Thread: Odds and Ends for sale

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    Wave Odds and Ends for sale

    New to the site, so giving myself a test to make sure I do this right.
    I have a number of items to sell, but not all of it is ready yet as I have to get some of it out of storage.
    I will have photos to go along with the descriptions.
    Here is what will be upcoming in the next few days...

    1949 AO Model 402 Lap Truing machine
    Dicon LD 400 Visual Fields unit
    AO Slit Lamp
    Tint Units (about 3 or 4 of them)
    Gradient Lensor
    Alloy Blocker and Reclaim tank (for surfacing)
    Vigor Soldering Unit
    Diamond Hand Edger
    Sag Gauges
    Various Semi-finished lenses

    For now, just to get the hang of this forum, I have a Vigor SS-140 Staking set in very good condition.
    Make me any reasonable offer, plus shipping, and its yours.

    If anything in the list above catches your fancy, feel free to ask any questions and I'll make it a priority to get it out for a photo.

    (Forgive me if I have to edit this post a few times.)
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    Interested by the Vigor Staking Tool! :) I PM you

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    Hi is the gradient lensor available? please call or text 347-642-2593

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