I was hoping you could help identify anything we are missing or doing wrong.
Below I have written a comprehensive list of our current process. I would be more then grateful for any solicited comments or advice.

Thank you

Hard Coating:

1. Let's assume a clean lense enters the potassium hydroxide/ city water bath for 300 seconds @ 50c including sonic.

2. 300s of city water @ 40c

3. 300s DI water at 60c with Sonic.

4. 300s drying (ceramic heating) @ 65c

5. 300s cooling ( empty tray)

6. Primer ts-56 from tokuyama @ 11.2c for 20s. ( Lacquer has been stored at -20c for 19 months)

7. Stage 4. Then stage 5.

8. Lacquer ts-56 from tokuyama @ 11.2c ( Primer has been stored at -20c for 19 months)

9. Stage 4.

10. Out

Oven (1 memment 110f oven)

1. From HC straight into Oven after check at 40c holding temp

2. Degass batch at 60c for 60 mins

3. Curing @ 115c for 120 mins.

4. Hold at 40c until ready for AR.

Recommend AR process from service provider.

1. Lens looks good after HC, spectrometer reads primer 0.7 and lacquer 2.9

2. After AR lens looks good but saltwater test gives a range of 4-2 score in salt water, shock , tape test.

3. AR coating is unstable, a very high percentage on lenses laminating completely in the following months.

Looking forward to tweaking this process into a great results.