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Thread: Student Optician Need Help!

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    Student Optician Need Help!

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently a student optician through NAIT/OAC program. I am doing an assignment for my last term of eyeglasses.

    They requested us to do the record for patient coming to do eye exam. Unfortunately, at my place there are not much patient with serious concern that I could experience. I have some question and any optician/optometrist that could please answer/explain, I would be very appreciate for that. Thank you in advance.

    1. What is pupil WNL? How could I measure that for patient?
    2. what should I record for Broad H test? Is that all the patient need to do this test?
    3. What is stereopsis?
    4. What is color vision? Is that your eye's color or what should I record in this section?
    5. Confrontation Visual Fields?

    I am very thankful for any of opinions, answers, and explanation.


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    Your course material and text books should explain these matters in detail.

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    I just graduated from this program. I believed every questions you asked here could be found in your handout.
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