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Thread: Lab equipment and lenses

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    Lab equipment and lenses

    Briot Accura CX, low lens count in great condition, patternless edger that gets the job done reliably on all materials including glass!
    Essilor Kappa N95 patternless edger, National Optronics 4T tracer
    Weco 2467 pattern edger- waaay old school but it is bulletproof and edges all materials like the Accura above- think Weco 440 on steroids
    Glass chem-tempering units for both clear and photo, with salts
    Glass air tempering unit with compressor,
    Phantom 9 pot tint unit, Burton lensometer, Marco 101 lensometer, Radiusope, B&L slitlamp, B&L keratometer,
    Oh and a ton of very nice and unopened semi-finished lenses.
    Pretty much a complete finish lab and then some, it’s late and I just finished moving this stuff outa the way so there’s even more I haven’t listed.
    Pics available upon request. Hit me up

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    Hi, can you send me pics and price, Essilor and Briot edgers please. . I can pay you in cash and pickup. Thanks

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    Hey can you give me a price on your edgers? Thanks! 7025066637

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