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Thread: Craziest thing a pt has ever asked for?

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    Craziest thing a pt has ever asked for?

    Just for the sake of keeping the board alive, and also because I love a good story, what's the craziest thing a patient has ever asked you for, OR what is the craziest thing you have have offered to do to meet a patients needs/wants?

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    Back about five or six years ago, I was managing a small surfacing & edging lab that sent out its AR or specialty tints. Had a patient walk into the optical that had recently suffered a traumatic ocular injury and came in with a really upscale pair of frames asking for a special request: the patient was feeling self-conscious of wearing an eye patch over his glasses and wanted me to make a "lens eye patch". He was wearing 1.67 PALs with AR, and I told him that the only thing I could try to do in-house was to use a hand stone to 'strip' the AR off his lens then tint it as dark as possible.

    The patient gave his blessing and against every element of my training, I intentionally rolled the front and back curves of this lens against a hand stone to strip off the AR and tinted it a dark gray. I was worried at dispense, but he was ecstatic with the final product as it was exactly what he wanted.

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