Hi everyone - Im a student optician at Seneca College and Im doing a project for school. We have to come up with a business plan for an optical dispensary and Im proposing a high-end clinic. I could really use some help from those of you who carry premium frame brands such as Anne et Valentin, Dita, Mykita, Face a Face etc (this is not an inclusive list). What I need to know is a general material cost (average) for these sorts of frames, brand minimums and any considerations when selling high-end frames (warranties, exchange rates, etc). I do currently work in the industry but in a bread-and-butter dispensary so I dont have the perspective on the high-end demographic that Id like... I'm also particularly interested if anyone has experience with 3D printed frames. If youre not comfortable sharing this info in a post, I fully understand. I would appreciate comments or private messages. As well, anyone who has any tips for how to start up a business such as this, Id love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!