1 Mr. Orange Pattern-less edger/tracer/blocker/drill, excellent condition, used in Doctor’s office, under 7000 cuts since new……$10,995(GA)

1 AIT Maxima pattern-less edger with an AIT Combimax tracer/blocker, good working condition, medium usage Doctor’s office…..$2995(Ga)

1 Optimal UCS 40 Ultra Sonic washer, automatic, 4 tanks, fixturing included, designed for AR cleaning or pre-hard coat cleaning, 60-80 lenses per hour, new condition, used for under 100 hours in Lens R&D ….$9995(Can New)

1 Coburn XRT generator, gone through by rebuilder, wear parts replaced……$14.995(Florida)

5000 aluminum tools/laps, good condition…$0.50 ea(Canada)

1 Coburn Eclipse blocker, newer model, very good condition….$4500(Canada)

1 Indo Opera Drill, good condition, precision drilling…….$995(Ga)

2 Lista 6 Drawer Lens steel Cabinets with ball bearing drawers, were $3000 each when new…$375 ea(Ga)

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