So the practice owner asked me to look into re-negotiating rates with Davis, but I assume that it would really be both Davis and Superior now that they are all officially merged onto one site. Before I get the baying howls of "Just drop them! They're crap, go true independent!", let me assure you that that aspect is not my call to make. So I'm looking into the next best option for them.

Our practice has been a Davis provider since '05, and we haven't seen a reimbursement rate change since that point. The only thing I have seen in the past was a one-off remark that "you can get better rates, you just gotta talk to your rep!", but there was zero clarification on what the heck that meant, or who that might be, and I haven't been able to get clearer answers on the couple times I reached out to Davis (and got someone).

If you have successfully (or hell, unsuccessfully) attempted contract re-negotiation with them, what worked or didn't work? Was there a specific line of access I should be looking at, like their Provider Relations, or someone else? Feel free to respond in-thread (although I imagine that will be like throwing chum into shark infested waters), or DM me, that's cool too. I get to be the point person on this "project", so I'm trying to do my due diligence and have some worthwhile info to present back to the practice owner.