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Thread: Zeiss SmartLife lenses?

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    Zeiss SmartLife lenses?

    Does anyone know anything about the new Zeiss SmartLife lenses? They are new on the market and their website doesn't explain anything about it. Maybe they are a progressive that can accommodate really low add powers?

    Thanks for any insights and descriptors...

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    They are updated versions of the precision pure/plus/superb and the individual 2. According to the rep, they have done new research on eye movements in the increasingly digital age and have refined their lenses accordingly.

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    I was at the launch of this product in Berlin.

    Smartlife is a new portfolio of lenses.

    The single vision version is the best single vision lens ever in terms of field of view, coupled with a different optical centre in the near zone (although no change in power).

    The progressive designs have a modified layout to their standard counterparts, with a bigger intermediate generally plus a different rate of change through the umbilic. The design is also variable based on the wearer's age.

    The digital lens version has also been adjusted. I wear it myself. The add power comes in earlier and the peripheral vision is even sharper than before. They are incredible.

    The aim of the portfolio is to deliver more comfortable vision when using digital devices, and to make changing between near and far, particularly when switching between the near zone and the peripheral zones, effortless. It works.
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    As always, I'm skeptical. Hopefully, they'll give us an override function, if the lens design selection process is being automated by algorithm.

    However, I'm going to need quite a bit of schmoozing before I can forgive Zeiss for dropping their sponsorship of Optiboard, and ending their partnership with the nations largest independent, employee owned optical lab (Walman), along with other independent labs, while cozying up to Walmart Inc.

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    Zeiss leaving Walman has dramatically reduced our orders for their products. Their own lab's costs are just too high.

    Thanks for all this info! It has been confirmed that this is Zeiss' version of the Shamir Autograph Intelligence in that they have made a different design for each add power to conform to how people in each add power use their intermediate and near vision.

    I did email our Zeiss rep and he sent the fact sheet (really helpful), plus this:
    The new SmartLife technology is a new component that we have incorporated into our premium lens designs to improve and address the current and future demands of how we use our eyes on a daily basis. I have seen only one other company attempt this upgrade and it was only in one progressive. The Smartlife technology by Zeiss is available in four progressives and two single vision lenses. This allows you to better fit your patients with the right design and price point.

    I have attached a brochure that will better describe the SmartLife philosophy and technology behind it.

    ‘Current’ Menu ‘New’ SmartLife Menu
    Individual 2 SmartLife Individual
    Precision Superb SmartLife Superb
    Precision Plus SmartLife Plus
    Precision Pure SmartLife Pure
    The Digital Lens SmartLife Digital Lens
    Individual SV SmartLife Individual SV

    Zeiss currently offers both menu’s above. However, the ‘New’ menu of SmartLiffe lenses do not have VSP codes assigned to them yet. As soon as the new SmartLife lenses receive their VSP codes, the ‘current’ menu will go away.

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