Hi folks,

I bought a used Essilor Jessie edger which came with a TESS tracer. Iím hooking up the the rs232c cable from the edger to the tracer as indicated in the manual. However when I go to read from the tracer I get error a80. From what I checked that error means I should change the connection speed. Itís set to 19200 which the manual says is the common transfer speed however that doesnít work. I tried all the other speeds after and slower still get the same error.

I tried alternate rs232 cable both those donít read the tracer at all, I get a different error a75. Probably because thatís just a straight rs232 cable.

Im guessing it might be the cable? The one Iím using is a standard crossover (null modem) cable. Itís not the original Essilor one.(that was not included) just wondering if the Essilor cable is unique to the system. If so where can I get one?