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Thread: Brio Scanform Edger HELP

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    Brio Scanform Edger HELP

    I call her 'Bessie', she is a wonderful ol' gal, with about 48k lenses on her. She can be temperamental, like this week for instance...
    Edging any lens type, this is what happens;
    Clamp locks, arm goes down, water does not start- tubes are full and clear, lens hits wheel dry, I curse, lift the arm and start to spin the lens manually, it starts to spin on it's own, water starts, it goes almost a full rotation, and stops.
    Rinse, wash, repeat several dozen times.
    The tracer will send a new trace to the edger and the edger accepts it, but the process is the same. I've unplugged it, I've cleaned it thoroughly. I'm thinking maybe the pump? The pump I have now is 25w and it is about 5 yrs old, I ordered a 30w pump and will try that this weekend, BUT, any thoughts on if that isn't it??
    Thank-you so much in advance!!
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    Could be the water solenoid sticking but they usually stick in the open position

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