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Thread: Pantoscopic tilt/angle question

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    Pantoscopic tilt/angle question

    Need some advice from professionals please. I have a high bridge (I'm a guy, ignore the name), and having been a sunglass user far longer than prescription glasses user, really liked the large lenses from from the 80's, finally coming back in style. Back in 1993, I just happened on a pair of frames with a fairly large tilt that similar to sunglasses with larger lenses, did not have a space under the glasses to allow glare to come up under (a particular problem when lying on a beach reading but also on road bicycling or motorcycling). My goal has always been to convert these frames to tinted prescription lenses.

    In the meantime, I have filled prescriptions using these frame about four times starting in 1993. I have a bit of astigmatism, but otherwise such a weak prescription that I do not use the glasses full time - mostly driving and movies. They are progressives, filled that way for the for the first time 4 years ago from single vision lenses.

    I spent a good bit of time a few years ago lurking here and learning, but the topic of adjusting a prescription came up today in an appointment with an optometrist and then an optician at a Lenscrafter - this optician previously worked in a private practice for 25 years if that matters. The optician told me the prescription would have to be adjusted for the tilt and that no adjustment made in crafting the lens by the optician. Referring back to the optometrist, the optician called me later and said the optometrist said the tilt was strictly patient preference and no adjustment needed to the prescription.

    Reading here, I got the idea that tilt and vertex adjustments were made by the optician, perhaps by free form lenses or other techniques. As such, I had always assumed that the filling optician corrected for tilt. I took a quick look during the discussion with the optician with lenses tilted as normal, and by lowering the ear pieces viewing them on a vertical plane. As the optician said, there certainly was a difference. She also said my brain would be used to the tilt even though that was perhaps not optimal.

    Thoughts on the proper way to fill my prescription with my current frames for best results? Does the prescription need adjustment, or can the optician adjust for (hope I get this right) vertex changes from a vertical fit?

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    Are you an Opticians or end consumer. I am confused? you have used lots of Optical Jagron.

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