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Thread: How good/bad are Warby Parker Progressive lens?? Blue light filter?

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    How good/bad are Warby Parker Progressive lens?? Blue light filter?

    I know Warby Parker doesn't have good reviews here since they steal business, but I haven't had any luck at the eye doctors near me. I live in a small town, so there's only two and both are money grabbers.

    The first gives the glaucoma scare. Yelp had 6 reviews, 5 were positive, one negative mentioning the glaucoma scare, so I was hesitant to see him. But when I looked at the reviews again the one negative glaucoma scare review was removed (thought OK maybe the reviewer changed her mind). Went to the doctor, he gave me the glaucoma scare, made me see him every 3 months for the glaucoma workup (field vision, retina pics etc). He billed medical and it was covered.
    Ended up going to a few other eye doctors out of town including M.D.s and the opinions ranged from "there isn't a darn thing wrong with your eyes, whoever is telling you that is feeding you a load" to "meh, the eye pressure is a bit high, but the retina picture looks fine....just keep up with your yearly eye exams".
    Left him a 1 star review only to find out it was removed. Seems like this guy doesn't care he is scaring patients, as long as he gets to bill medical and collect checks. Also seems like he is removing these negative Yelp reviews some how.

    Went to the other eye doctor in town last year. Was OK, but the lady selling glasses was horrible, noticed when she circled the most expensive things that she was trying to collect money. I asked her what is best for me and she said "well I want the best for my customers, so I'm going to pick the best available". Went home, did a quick google search and there is no need for high index lens she was trying to sell me with my sub 1 prescription. Ended up getting the plastic lined bifocals there.

    So I got a new insurance now, called them 3x and all 3 times they told me lined bifocals were covered but progressive lenses I'd have to dish out the first $80 for.
    Went to a Warby Parker store while visiting family and they said "no you're progressive is covered" and actually bought some eye glasses (will be here in a week) and only had to pay $10 co pay for the frames, progressive lens were fully covered.

    There is still time to cancel the warby parker order, but I think warby parker is the only non eye doctor's office my insurance considers in network and if I go to my eye doctors office I'd have to pay $80 for progressive + more for frames, reflective coating etc.

    Warby parker does charge +$200 extra for progressive lenses (without insurance) so it seems like it's good? How bad are their progressive lenses? Are they average? slightly below average? or very below average?

    As far as blue light, it'll be $50 more, Warby Parker says my insurance doesn't cover it. I only use glasses to read close material and computer screens. Read elsewhere that anti reflective coating blocks some blue light and "blue light lenses" themselves only block 20-30% of blue light any would are blue light lenses rather useless?

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