3-month comprehensive Canadian CL training available December 16th, 2019:

Want to become a fully-qualified Contact Lens Fitter but don’t have 1-year or longer to spend on public College or ‘apprenticeship-style’ CL training?

Are you confused by CL theory & optical formulas and how they help to troubleshoot CL issues? Want to learn CL instrumentation skills, acquire slit-lamp proficiency, master back-toric v. bi-toric CL lenses and when to fit each or learn contact lens complications? You will receive 3-months of comprehensive ‘in-house’ hands-on practical CL training, led by our award-winning/fully experienced Contact Lens instructors?

All this and more, in only 3-months of CL study at Canada’s BC COLLEGE OF OPTICS. We can do all this in only 3-months by utilizing modern learning technologies and the latest advancements in training aids.

For over 35 years BC College of Optics has taught its innovative 3-month ‘CL-only’ program here in British Columbia. If you are genuinely motivated to become one of the best-trained and most knowledgeable CL fitters in your area, then request a 3-months leave of absence from Dispensing and enrol in our December 16th ‘CL-only’ program.

You may qualify for increased wages as a ‘CL fitting’ Ophthalmic Assistant in your Optometrist or Ophthalmology office.

See our school website... www.bccollegeofoptics.ca for Registration Form, admission information, course outlines, etc.

Or call our Assistant Program Director Sheree Watson at 1-(604)-581-0101 and she will be pleased to answer any questions.

Hurry!! Our 3-month ‘CL Only’ classes begin December 16th, 2019.