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Thread: Progressive Lenses For Today’s Pilots

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    Progressive Lenses For Today’s Pilots

    Some pilots struggle with peripheral blurriness and progressives, as many appear more acutely aware of their vision. In your professional opinion, what’s the best lens manufacturers that offer the greatest visual acuity for people in eye-intensive occupations? What has worked with past pilot patients in terms of progressive segment customization / corridor adjustments?

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    No consumers, please.

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    First, what ^they^ said.

    Second, I've made glasses for a lot of pilots over the years and, generally speaking, pilots and progressives are a bad, bad combination. There are exceptions but they're rare.

    Third, I love it when customers come in an attempt to politely explain why their sight is a bit more important than everyone else's. FlyerEyes, you vision requirements just ain't that special.

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    As per the forum rules you agreed to when you registered:

    "This forum is for Eyecare Professionals. Consumers are not allowed to post on the Board, although they can read posts and search topics."

    All the professional Opticians on this site would love to help you solve your problems or answer your questions about your eye care and eye wear need! But vision and visual solutions can have thousands of correct as well as incorrect answers.

    We care about your vision and visual needs so strongly that we must advise you to seek a professional in the eye care field. Only with in-person evaluation can you truly get a proper diagnosis. You PD and powers are simply not enough information to give you any kind of advice other than speculation. We are sure that you want the best in eye care, as we want for you. Please seek out someone that you can discuss your issues with in person.

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