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Thread: Lets play a game. How long were you on hold with Davis/Versant today?

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    Also just an FYI. Davis was apparently having problems with the material portion for patients with the FEP federal plan. We had one order where the material part literally just didn't show up. You had to call Davis wait for a rep get an auth then hope that the rep also did order entry or they would have to transfer you to one who did thus putting you at the back of that line. The number ending in 4321 is supposed to get you order entry but that is apparently broken too so maybe you get them maybe you don't. They have apparently fixed this and at least for my patient I was able to finally get the order place for a DOS of 12/17/2020.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mervinek View Post
    Ok... so I want to make sure I understand this. Right now we don't par with Davis but are considering it if we are able to use our local lab. So... if we are able to use our local lab for Davis jobs, we can just call the lab directly for warranty or remakes? I assume when you say your lab, it is YOUR lab and not a lab that is not owned by your office? We do not have a lab in our location. This is totally separate and owned by other people. Thanks!
    For clarity I use outside lab it is not owned by me. I’m near Chicago and have a finishing lab and the other lab is in Minnesota. They do our insurance jobs and surfacing/uncuts. I don’t know about name rules so I’ll call it the Minnesota lab. Yes I can re-order all jobs directly from the Minnesota lab from here on out. The only time I would need to call Davis again is if it’s a redo that Davis lab did previously. Counting down from here as they only warranty for 1 year for Crizal anyway. Going to stick it out with them for now and see how it all goes. We don’t do Medicare so I can’t speak for that. Hope this helps. CB

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