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Thread: Trouble with Versant!

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    I am having trouble entering the add power! I have tried the tradition +2.50,250,2.50,+250... I have even tried 25 thinking a lab would understand what i am trying to order... Finally got to pick out what kind of lenses then an error came up stating add was invalid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skt View Post
    As of yesterday, were switched over to the new versant system/forms..oh my god!!!!! a flipping nightmare!..getting authorizations, filing claims..what a trainwreck!!!!!!!
    This is not good. The new system is so broken that they couldn't even handle the first group of providers that switched. The LAST thing they needed to do is add more. This might explain why wait times went from 3.5 hours to 6.5 or more. Besides the one email there has been no communication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCGREEN View Post
    I for sure know I wouldn't. But just for conversations sake........what if the safety markings were removed from the frame? Can you now put dress lenses in it? We all have come across it. Someone has retired from their job that kept them supplied with way to many OSHA safety frames and now they want you to put dress lenses in them. Would you file off the safety mark and use it for the patient?
    I have done that for one patient at my doctor's direction. The patient was retired and was looking to use his old safety frames as readers.
    I'm Andrew Hamm and I approve this message.

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    Goodness this sounds like a terrible mess

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    Train wreck!? You're being way too nice...What I want to say about the whole disaster can't be said here.

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