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Thread: Help with Nidek/Santinelli LE 7070

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    Help with Nidek/Santinelli LE 7070

    I need to replace bearings in the carriage assembly for my Santinelli LE 7070. Don't need any parts as I have a duplicate edger with a fried mother board but in tact which I use for spare parts. Ideally would like to have someone come to my shop which is in San Francisco, but short of that a phone consult would be okay! Any interested parties and/or reco's can shoot me a PM. Thank you very much! Marcie Patten

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    Try The Finishing Lab- they used to advertise rebuilding services. I’ve never used them so can’t verify their quality but here is the info: Call Us: 510-815-4466Fax Us: 866-431-6216

    Email Us:

    Ξ 875 Cotting Lane, Suite K, Vacaville, CA 95688 Ξ

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