Good afternoon,

Essentially a question that may sound stupid to a lot of you:
Ordered some PAL lenses from Rodenstock GmbH and they came in under the name PAL 2 M Organic 1.6.

Now almost all of that makes sense, but I was still curious about the quality of the lenses and I don't possess the equipment to view the more technical side of the lens with. Spoke to Rodenstock and they say they fall under "white label", something they produce solely for chains. Wouldn't give me any information regarding the quality of the lenses or any technical information.

Most of you are probably familiar with the term "white label", but to me it's a bit odd.
How am I supposed to know if this lens is good if there's no manufacturer or name listed?
No one's come back with them in about a year, but still curious if there's any way to find out where they came from.
The engravins themselves: A square with slightly rounded corners with 50 60 underneath on the nasal side.
The exact same engraving on the temporal side, with below that the add power (2.25)

I've been through a fair few progressive lens identifiers, and nothing that looks remotely the same.

Calling on the combined experience!

Many thanks in advance!