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Thread: Color Distortion with Progressive Transition lens

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    Color Distortion with Progressive Transition lens

    I am looking for any information regarding color distortion.
    Lens was a 1.6 Hoya Maestro HD Progressive with X-Active Sensity photocromic. EX3 Coating.

    Initially, he came in with seeing a neon blue shadow when looking outside at objects. They also cast a yellow outline on objects.

    Usually, if there is a distortion with color, I change the index of the lens to trivex. I did this and changed the Sensity lens to a Transition lens, thinking that this will solve the problem.

    At the second try, the blue shadowing is gone, however, he is still seeing the pencil outline of yellow.
    Rx is +2.00 -1.00 x 82 +2.25
    +1.25 - 0.25 x 85 +2.25
    Frame is full plastic, a size bigger than he was wearing currently. The only change is that he went from a lined bifocal to a progressive.

    I am not too sure where to go on this one, or even what to check or change.

    Any thoughts would be appriciated!
    Thank you!

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    Probably due to prism thinning. Rare at this power and predicted (roughly 2∆) of prism. Somebody posted a few weeks ago that their lab added 4∆ of prism thinning, which is an error, and could cause symptoms. If the value is normal, you can either eliminate the prism thinning or retreat to segmented multifocals.

    Hope this helps,

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