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Thread: Funky Fresh Half Eye Frames

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    Funky Fresh Half Eye Frames

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been trying to find modern styled or at the very least interesting half eyes for readers. We used to have a line with some, but most of them are discontinued. I was wondering if anyone knows of a source for this type of frame (sits low on the nose, typically sv reading) in full frame, or top semi rim (full frame on the bottom, semi rimless on the top). I've got an ever increasing demographic of patients that are desiring these types of frames, conveniently just as most of my suppliers have stopped making them.
    -Poly is the best substrate for coatings.
    -Poly is extremely scratch resistant.
    -Poly is extremely impact resistant.
    -Poly is unparalleled in clarity.
    -Poly is much lighter than traditional crown glass.
    Like poly, you can trust me about 40% of the time.

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    I don't know what a "modern styled" half-eye could possibly be. Kala makes a half eye. Nothing crazy, but it comes in 13 colors.

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    Roger Eye Designs has a great one! I wear model Jack, and it is bottom-frame only. I have also seen Lamar by BlackFin. Both are great quality.

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    Pro Desgn had some great ones, but not sure if anything they make can be considered great at this point...

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