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Thread: Reflections with new PALs

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    Reflections with new PALs

    Hello everyone,

    I'm seeking some advice on something that has me stumped. I have a px complaining of reflections in the upper corners in his new specs. The edges are not polished and it's a plastic frame.

    OD +2.00DS
    OS +1.25DS
    +2.25 Add

    Habitual Rx as above, Hoya Summit ECP lenses purchased 2 yrs ago elsewhere (plastic frame). The new frame eyesize is 1 mm bigger (insignificant IMO) but l put him into Nikon Balance FP (14 mm corridor) since I don't dispense Hoya lenses. The frames are almost identical in shape.

    I have already remade his lenses since he could not tolerate a quarter of a cyl OU, and I kept him in CR39 to reduce constringence. PDs and OCs match up, so I'm not sure how to troubleshoot shoot his complaints.

    He said he will try them for a couple of days and will let me know if the reflections are still bothersome.


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    I like Post #18 but the rx didn't change so search past postings here with the search word "reflections". Your situation gets talked about quite a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torontood View Post
    Hello everyone,
    Welcome to OB.

    Are the lenses coated?

    I have already remade his lenses since he could not tolerate a quarter of a cyl OU,
    Hypersensitive. There's about 2 D of unwanted astigmatism over a good part of a progressive lens (just for some perspective). Same reflection problem with the first set? If not, the coating might be poor quality and/or flawed.

    You might be able to shift the position or minimize the ghost images by tweaking the wrap and panto tilt.

    Hope this helps,

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    If increasing panto doesn't totally solve the issue , try removing lenses and applying an edge cote. If you don't have an edge cote in office, apply marker to edge to see if that is the culprit. Marker can be removed easily with ink remover and glasses then can be sent to lab for edge cote.

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    It might just be a difference in the geometry of his new frame versus his old one.
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