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Thread: ABO Advance test prep book ...

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    ABO Advance test prep book ...


    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong thread..But I had a quick question about the ABO Advance Test Prep Book by Drake, Underwood, Smit etc.

    I have had this book since 2012, and I am dusting it off to start preparing for the advance test again.

    I recall that there were a few errors (confirmed by leading figures at a Vegas Expo) in this specific book. Does anyone remember what the errors/typos
    were again? I purchased it in 2012 and I am pretty sure it's the same Advance Test Prep edition that everyone has been using for the past decades lol. I used to have the typos written down, but I misplaced the sheet that specified them.

    I remember at a Vegas Expo in 2013 that the instructors for the advance test prep would tell us "And don't forget about the typos on page ###"

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    I’m getting ready to start studying and I am interested as well!

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