Santinelli Nidek LE-9000 EX Patternless Lens Edger With 3D tracing and edging
100% maintained by Santinelli Trained Technicians
This machine has been professionally disassembled, cleaned and all worn parts have been replaced.

The Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX offers faster processing and edging. Using a direct drive wheel motor, it’s robust engineering and construction makes this an incredibly reliable and efficient machine.
This exceptionally clean edger is a durable and professional system for anyone considering an upstep to their edging technology without breaking the bank. It comes with operator’s manual, box tool kit, and articulated blocking chuck for high prism lenses. This machine seamlessly integrates with the ICE 9000, or the ICE Mini blocking system, working perfectly with this edger.

This machine has been professionally disassembled, adjusted, calibrated and thoroughly cleaned, then reassembled. The LMU and Safety Bevel/Grooving unit have both been replaced by Santinelli Technicians within the last 18 months. Prior to shipping, the edger will be fully calibrated, then locked down for shipment. As a refurbished machine, this unit will provide many years of service.

Built-in Tracer:
Provides accurate binocular and monocular frame and lens measurements, providing a perfect finish every time. Utilizes 32,000 reference points per eye, storing 100 frame shapes in memory.

Edging modes:
Auto Beveling is a computer calculated bevel.
Guided Beveling allows for custom bevel settings.

Lens Materials:
This edger will cut CR-39, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Trivex,
And all High Index materials.

Bevel Styles:
Precise automated bevel control for grooving of nylor rimless, beveling for plastic and metal frames, and flat bevel for drilled rimless. There is also a polishing wheel to polish all of the above, to a mirror finish.

Automatic Safety Bevel:
Nidek’s LE-9000 provides fully adjustable and automatic Safety Bevel (SFB) for front and back lens edges. The new multi-disk arm also grooves, with pin-point accuracy.

This unit may be hooked up directly to a water source using solenoid valves or you may use a pump and tank, either of which you must provide.

WARNING:Be mindful that the lock down screw on the left side of the machine MUST be removed before turning the machine on.
I repeat, DO NOT TURN ON THE MACHINE UNTIL THE LOCK DOWN SCREW IS REMOVED (see photo). Also remove the chuck lock and the tracer lock widget (as shown in photos) before starting.

Packed for shipment in it’s original box. Shipping included in Continental U.S.
Price reduced to $5000.00
Santinelli is selling the same thing for $12,995 with set up.

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