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Thread: Gerber / National Optronics Machinery up for offers

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    Gerber / National Optronics Machinery up for offers

    Hello everyone!

    I am working to move a bunch of optical equipment out of a lab here in Wichita, Kansas.
    I am willing to take reasonable offers for most of the equipment as we are trying to upgrade the lab.
    Equipment is as below.

    - Gerber Optical Step One Wax Blocker
    - Gerber Optical Indo
    - CNC Optidrill
    - Gerber Optical Generators
    - Aluminum Lap Set from 0/100 - 925/1000+ by PSI Alumalap and Semi Tech
    - 3 Large Lap Library Containers (Holds 640 Lap Slots each not counting stackability) Full metal, 24"x46"x74"
    - 3 National Optronics 6ES Edgers

    A lot more to post, but Ill start with these.

    I have a set of cylinder machines by Gerber as well.

    Let me know and I can try to get more info, I'd appreciate it if this post got some decent visibility.



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    How much for one of the edgers?

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    August 21 9:30AM Los Angeles

    To: Richard
    From: Barry
    Subject: Selling your equipment

    Richard...left a message on your telephone number.

    Very interested in listing your equipment in my monthly world wide mailing and two web sites www,

    Valuation based on good running equipment average usage.

    Step Ones with Internal chillers sell for $2250-$2500 ea.

    Coburn Acuitys sell for $2000-$2750 ea

    Tools / labs sell for $0.50 ea

    Coburn SGX generators sell for $4000-$6000 depending on the cut count, condition if a Lab calc program is included.

    Coburn SL2 Generators are worth $6000-$10,000 depending on condition and cut count.

    Tool racks are difficult to sell because the shipping and crating costs often exceed the value of the racks.

    6ES edger values depend on the condition , cut count and if sold with a 4T tracer. I currently have one listed for $6995 with 4T ...only cut 16,000 lenses since new

    I'll need pictures and your oral description of the condition.

    September's mailing begin August 27....if we can agree on prices and condition.

    I'm paid 10% of the selling pr ices when a machine sells.

    Buyer pays you directly.

    Buyer pays for crating and shipping cos ts.

    Barry 714-963-8991 weekends ok!

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