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Thread: What lens design would you recommend?

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    What lens design would you recommend?

    Patient Rx:
    OD: -0.25-1.00x095
    OS: -0.50-0.50x086
    ADD: +2.25
    Patient desired an office-type lens which primarily used for computer but allows her to look around her office when needed (7-10ft max distance)
    The computer WD is approx. 65 cm away located at or slightly ABOVE eye level.

    We have already been unsuccessful using the Zeiss Office Lens (Room) fit as recommended. With this lens, she needs to tilt head back to see the computer clearly.
    I am considering re-fitting to a Zeiss Office Lens (Desk) and fudging the OC height a bit higher than her pupils but am concerned her field of view in primary gaze will be limited.
    Does anyone have any other recommendations? Has anyone seen the PAL astigmatism contour maps for the Office Lenses?

    (Yes, I know things would be easier if she lowered her computer height, but it is a feature of her work).

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    I know Shamir and Hoya make an office lens. We use to use the Hoya TACT occasionally and it was an okay lens. They have 3 new computer lens, ID screen, zoom and space. I've put only like 4 or 5 people in the ID screen lens and have had good results. It's not that large of a sample size. I'm sure if my Shamir rep was here, he would tell you the Shamir Workspace and Computer are great lens. I just have no feedback on those.

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    We have a lot of success with the IOT Office Reader II 2M. It gives up to 7' of distance, with a wide near field and mid field. I use it at home and love it. I also use the Office Reader II 4M at work, mainly for convenience, as I have 3 monitors at varying heights. It works well, but I do prefer the 2M for photo editing and spreadsheet work. One you get beyond 2M, the design behaves more like a traditional PAL.
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    I would use a Custom Executive Lens, with a Minus add on the top. No image jump, wide field of views and full distance. I fit a few Musicians with this, seems to work!

    Click image for larger version. 

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