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Thread: Eye care industry rejoices in new study findings

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    Eye care industry rejoices in new study findings

    Study Blames Disturbing Rise In Teens Who Need Glasses On Excessive Screen Time

    BIRMINGHAM, England — So many people, especially young people and teenagers, spend a significant period of time each day staring at a screen of some kind, whether that be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or the regular old TV. Now, a new study is warning parents that all that screen time may be behind a stunning rise in children who need prescription glasses.

    According to the report released by United Kingdom-based eye care company Scrivens Opticians, the percentage of 13-16 year olds in the U.K. who need glasses has nearly doubled over the past seven years — from 20% in 2012 to 35% in 2018. Two-thirds of those teens were diagnosed as being myopic, or short-sighted.

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    Seems like more of an advertisement for Scrivens than a scientific study.

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    Study looks like an extemely, hilariously optimistic term for what was done. The most direct link I could find, sorry to the future if it breaks. They don't establish causation, or really even correlation within the article. Heck, a direct quote is “There is more research that needs to be done into whymyopia, in particular, is presenting itself in children in suchhigher numbers, especially when it comes to determining ifthere is a link to screen-time.” Not to mention, their stats of "we've seen more kids needing glasses!" Like, ok, but you're an optical center. That skews the numbers some. Not to mention that are you seeing more kids needing glasses because of devices, or because parents are more aware of their kids eye health earlier? I'm not saying one way or another, but my point is that this "study" can't either.

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