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Thread: Brought old Briot 4000 lens edger. Need Help!!

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    Brought old Briot 4000 lens edger. Need Help!!

    I brought an old briot 4000 edging machine.
    I drove 18 hours over two days to collect it and can't get it functioning properly so if anyone could help me i'd really appreciate it!

    I have attached a youtube video link of my attempt

    The lens doesn't rotate and just comes down on the roughing wheel which just carves the shape if the wheel on the bottom
    of the lens.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It looks like you have the rotational switch turned off. This switch is on the machine to stop rotation at any point of the lens to check bevel placement etc. It is marked with a round circle of sorts (varied with different models). Also it looks like no water is running so either it has not been hooked up yet or the valve on the right side of the machine is turned off. You would be best to experiment with no lens chucked while playing around with the settings.

    Here is a link to a sight that has the manual although it looks like you may have to pay a charge to download it:

    Hope this helps. These machines are very durable but it's been 25 years since I've run one and my memory of it has faded a bit.
    Good luck!

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