July's list of edging and bench equipment Call for pictures

1 Kappa Ultimate M10 Pattern-less edger, 43,000 cuts since new …and Kappa tracer/blocker, very good condition…$5295( Mich)

1 2017 Briot Perception Pattern-less edger/tracer/blocker, 4000 cuts since new….$5995(Illinois)

1 Kappa M10 Edger, Rebuilt, “12” cuts on the rebuild, 220 volt, 90 day warranty, grooves and polishes….$4995(No tracer)

3 Coburn Gamma Pattern-less Edger/Tracer/blockers, gone through by rebuilder..$3495 ea

1 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edger and 4T tracer, 6900 cuts since new… new condition $6995(NC)

1 Santinelli ICE 900 Intelligent blocker, new condition, used at retail under 24 months……$5500(BK)

1 Santinelli LE 9000 SX/LX pattern-less edger
, built in tracer, blocker included, medium-low retail usage , groove , polish and safety bevel, gone through by edger technician $4995ea( Export Only)

1 Santinelli / Nidek LE 9000 EX Express with ICE 9000 tracer/blocker, 9000 cuts since new…..$8995(Florida)

8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$995ea )

12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty… $11,995ea

2 National Optronics 6EM pattern-less edger, rebuilt, 6 month warranty, does wraps and custom bevels……$9995ea

1 National Optronics 3B blocker, good condition…$2495(NC)

1 Santinelli 9000SX pattern-less edger/tracer re-finished by rebuilder, 90 day warranty…$11,995

1 Briot Alta NX Pattern-less edger/tracer/blocker/drill, under 10,000 cuts since new, gone through by rebuilder, 6 month warranty……$14,995

1 Huvitz HPE8000 Edger , Huvitz HAB Tracer/Blocker with Drill machine, under 10,000 cuts since new, gone through by rebuilder, 6 month warranty…..$15,995

12 Humphrey #350 Lens Analyzers, re-built, 6 month warranty…$1995ea

12 Topcon LM 6E Lensometers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty……$895 ea

1 Digital Smart Drill, excellent condition…..$795(NC)

Call for Pictures....

Barry Shepard 714-963-8991

Complete 6 page list of used and rebuilt edgers and surfacing equipment and AR equipment on www.usedlabs.com www.usedopticalmachinery.com