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Thread: Running a Successful Optical

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    Running a Successful Optical

    I am working with a doctor who is starting her own practice and I will be the optician. I have been an optician in several different offices for 3 years now but I have never been able to start completely from the begining. So I will be in charge of everything optical from glasses to contacts. I'm looking for everyone's advice on what methods are best used for ordering purposes, any tools/necessities I will need, ways and ideas on how to keep everything nice and organized? Any advice you have on running a successful optical please share!

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    First know thyself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drk View Post
    First know thyself.
    And your market, whom you wish to cater to. Stock product for that market and be prepared to have a level of knowledge/service for that market. A “me too” optical has a small chance at succeeding in today’s market.

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    That's a huuuuuuge number of questions. Maybe you should start by telling us what you're trying to do and what steps you've already been taking.
    I'm Andrew Hamm and I approve this message.

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    I mean a few things that your probably going to need regardless of your clientele, lensmeter, tools for frame adjustment, frame warmer. As far as ordering going, I would imagine you will have to set up accounts with certain vendors, Lux, Safilo, Marchon, Charmont just to name a few. ABBconcise is pretty good for ordering contacts. I think a big key to a successful optical is also the people you have working there. I feel like here in Idaho we see similar people to that of Utah, depending on what part your located. If you near by SLC feel free to PM me. Depending on what type of companies you want to do business with, I might be able to get you the rep. for that area.

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    Welcome to Optiboard!

    What software program is the OD/MD going to use?

    How many frames will the dispensary carry?

    Will there be managed care plans utilized and do you or the Doc know how to qualify your office for them?

    Let the search box be your friend. Someone else has probably already answered the question!

    Join the paid subscription private Pro's Forum where price questions can be answered.

    Does the OD/MD read the OD Wired web site?

    That's a start.

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