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Thread: can this be tru???

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    can this be tru???

    read this online written by an essilor emlpoyd man

    Field of View
    - Although all progressive lenses provide some area of near vision and some area of vision at arm’s length (i.e., your dashboard, monitor, countertop), the field of clear vision will be noticeably smaller than it was before the wearer required a progressive lens (when they could see everything within arm’s reach). This is because most progressive lenses have a single power at each gaze direction which only supports clear vision at a single distance. The wearer must then search for the right spot in the lens for the distance at which s/he is trying to focus. Essilor has a technology called Xtend which expands the range of focus at any given gaze direction. This means the wearer can focus on a much larger volume of the area within arm’s reach without moving his/her head. This technology is currently only found in Varilux X Series lenses, and- to my knowledge- there is no equivalent technology on the market.

    we sell Zeiss and optiswiss, so no currant knowlegde og Essilor.

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    If all of the Essilor marketing jabber was true, all other lenses would have been obsolete decades ago.

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