Hello all,

I'm an ophthalmologist working in a hospital, and also part time in a practice where I do a lot of refractions using loose lenses. I'm looking into purchasing new trial lens set and trial frame, as I find the provided ones not quite satisfactory. I have been searching for reviews on different sets online, but haven't really found any. Some requirements/wishes are:

1. a set that works well ergonomically without undue physical strain (neck, arms, eyes) reaching for/finding the lenses. Perhaps putting the case on top of a inclined tripod stand would work.
2. good visibility of markings, making it easy to locate the correct lens and reading the final result from the trial frame. Illuminated marking on the case/rack?
3. not having to re-mark the lenses after labels fall off.

I have worked with Reichert type sets, all chrome, and find it hard to easily locate the wanted lens. They are densely packed in the case.
The expensive Oculus sets I find somewhat better, but not without issues.

Could you chime in with some observations on what you have found to be good trial lens sets? Such as huge variety available with a huge range in price! Thank you in advance.